My WordPress Story by WooCommerce

At WordCamp Kathmandu 2017, we had the opportunity to hear lots of success stories. Among them, there was someone who made us cry and inspired everyone that was listening – Kat Christofer. Her story made us realize that we all can succeed if we keep working towards our goals with dedication and perseverance.

I am honored to find that Kat has written a wonderful article and now my WordPress story is on WooCommerce. She talks about how the WordPress Nepal community is blooming rapidly and changing lives in Nepal for the better.

I’ve been using WooCommerce since it was an eCommerce plugin till now—when it is a platform. WooCommerce has been among the strongest factors in helping me showcase and sell my work to the world.

Kat is an amazing personality and you can read more about her in an interview of her own on DevotePress. Kat’s article is up on WooCommerce already but I wanted to share it here as well. Thank you, Kat, for your wonderful words.

A huge thank you to Kat and WooCommerce, for featuring my story and the WordPress Nepal community.