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Microsoft Surface (Top secret Project Codename Milan)

Microsoft Reveals Next Generation Technology Microsoft Surface (Top secret Project Codename Milan)

Microsoft Surface Multi Touch

There is the fundamental change is occurring in the world of technology, a new type of computer that is arriving in the unusual form of a coffee table. This past March, Microsoft invited popular mechanics to the companies Redman Washington campus for a first look at a top secret project code name Milan. It is the first of its kind in that it is new paradiamond computing, is called surface computing. This type of interface work especially well for photo sharing, maps and menus, for browsing on a tradition screen pales in comparison to the detail hands on manipulation people are used to with paper. You can do things like: organize your photos, drag am around and resize them and play with them as if they were real photos, real printed photos and here we even have a video. Surface computing utilizes multi touch technology which is a multi finger, multi user interface that is been dancing around computer science since the l980’s.

Microsoft Surface Multi Touch

This is a multi touch input device and multi touch which generally means multi point input devices are about allowing more then one input to be process at the time. NYU computer scientist Jefferson Han (Founder, Perceptive pixel) build huge multi touch displays for corporate military clients through his company Perceptive pixel. In fact multi touch is swiftly becoming the hot interface for electronic devices. Multi touch first fully allows direct manipulation that means you are actually contacting on the graphic itself, it’s the direct manipulation. Never fact, two it mean I can do more then one point of time I can actually use two or three which mean I can manipulate more things at a time but with mouse we can only manipulate one or two things at a time.

But where Microsoft Surface computer truly get mind blowing is how it interacts with other devices. The surface computer uses a series of infrared cameras to literally see what is on its table top. What we were able to do is also have interaction with objects on the surface so when we place an objects on the surface, the cameras goanna recognize what that object is and allows us to interact directly with that object what we have display on the surface. We see this is a whole new category, a complete new eco system for computers. Here we have a wireless camera and a lot of wireless functionality is built in to the surface computing platform and it’s evolving into devices such as this camera. So, here we can take the picture from the digital camera and then just put the camera right on the device and use that picture. We have a cell phone and all the wireless linking is going on behind the scene in the table. So, you can take the photo and then instantly put in on your wireless device and then take it with you. Now you basically taken two devices and without having to plug them into computer or sync them up you transfer content from one to the other.

Other surface computing may eventually find a place in the home but Microsoft actually plans to sell the devices to commercial partners such as T-Mobile, Paris Casinos, and Star Wood Hotels. The US$ 5,000 to US$ 10,000 machines will start showing up in local retail stores as early as the end of 2007.

Microsoft Surface Multi Touch

But where is all of this leading? Computer scientists see a near future of ubiquitous computing where people are surrounded by intelligent surfaces. Maybe the surface of your kitchen table or it can be in front of your television unit and it can help you to control your television as the ultimate remote control. Eventually of course this will triple down and I do I am very positive and I firmly believe that this kind of thing will be in that near future where we have wallpaper displays in every hallway, every desk, every surface starts to become a near face of computer and in order for that to happen we need interfaces like this.

Next Generation of Technology from Microsoft – Click to Watch the video of Microsoft Surface: Hands-on First Look

Enjoy Great New Generation of Technologies

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