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How to Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone

I wrote this article long time. Now I no longer track Jailbreak and Unlock of iPhone. If you want to Unlock your iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S or 5. We can generally do factory unlock by paying to the server provider. They just need your IMEI number. If you want any of my assistance then you can contact me by filling in the Contact From

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone
Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone

I am big fan of Apple products and I enjoy using them. They are really cool. I have been using iPhone from last 9 months and there is no problem in it. It is simply the great phone. I can check my email, connect to facebook and twitter, use different IM, talk to friends around the world with skype, post my wordpress blog, games and so on.

The bad thing about the iPhone is that they don’t support many countries to use iPhone. So, when we buy iPhone we actually need to jailbreak and unlock the phone to use with our local mobile carrier. I have been receiving a lot of request about how to use iPhone in the country where there is no support from the Apple. So, I thought of writing few lines here.

blackra!n is the name of the jailbreak solution for iPhone OS 3.1.2. Blackra!n works on all generations of iPhone and iPod Touch. George Hotz claims that this jailbreak will take only 30 seconds to perform its intended task.

  • Click here to download Blackra!n for Windows
  • Click here to download Blackra!n for Mac
  • For more step by step guide Click Here

    Note: But we aware that now a days that jailbreak iphone are getting virus attacks.

    Click Here for Detail Instruction and Screen-shots for Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone

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  1. hey! I’ve got iPhone in my hand.. But it’s Japanese carrier. please help me How can I unlock to use with Nepal’s Network…;)

  2.  Folks have a ton of misguided judgment about iPhone Unlock. However the proposed might be easily reacted to by posing the right concerns to get certain responses.

    In this way, to comprehend this far preferred, here are some reactions to your normally made inquiries

  3. Sujana Shrestha says:

    Hi, How do you unlock Iphone 5s if you neither know its apple id password nor IMEI number? You cannot get into the phone for any information.

  4. Hi, How do you unlock Iphone 4s if you neither know its apple id password nor IMEI number? You cannot get into the phone for any information.

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