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Meet Nepuu: The Wapuu with a Nepali Twist

From its origin in Japan, to almost every WordCamps of the world, Wapuu and its craze has taken over. On December 2015, at WordCamp US Philadelphia 2015, our Wapuu with a Nepali twist, Nepuu, made its debut. If you don’t know what a Wapuu is…

A Wapuu is the official unofficial mascot for WordCamps. The original was designed for a WordCamp in Japan and since then, almost every WordCamp has had their own. The general character is the same, with each WordCamp adding their own style to match the region.

Our designer from Catch Themes, Pinjal Pradhan, created the mascot using the original .svg files provided on the original Wapuu Github repository to make the first ever Wapuu from Nepal.

At the last year’s WordCamp US, I took some  merchandises like stickers and t-shirts with Nepuu on and gifted to fellow attendees. It was well-received by everyone. They particularly appreciated how cutely it was dressed, keeping the essence of Nepal without really modifying the Wapuu base. Matt, too, was ecstatic to see Nepuu. The first ever Wapuu from Nepal.

A story about Nepuu has been published in an amazing fan blog dedicated to the cuteness of Wapuu from all over the world. This “unofficial Wapuu fan club” made by Nick Hamze features more than 2 dozen Wapuus.

Nepuu with Background

The story features how Nepuu came to be and the significance of it being made that way. Be sure to check out the story here.

Nepuu will be making its official debut in Nepal at this year’s WordCamp. Can’t wait to see how Nepali WordPressers react to it.

If you want to learn the history of Wapuu and see other Wapuus, then click here.

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