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Pizza Hut & KFC now in Nepal

KFC and Pizza Hut Restaurant Opening
KFC and Pizza Hut Restaurant Opening

KATHMANDU, November 23: Devyani International, under the umbrella of Ravi Kant Jaipuria’s RJ Corp, here today announced the arrival of Pizza Hut & KFC restaurants here, marking the first multinational chain of restaurants coming to Nepal.

RJ Corp is the biggest bottler of Pepsi brands in India and Nepal and also largest franchisee for YUM brands in India namely, Pizza Hut and KFC. Devyani International along with YUM Brands, the world’s largest restaurant company with five dynamic global brands and 35,000 outlets across 105 countries, is excited to make their entry in the Nepalese restaurant circle and has extensive plans for growth and expansion in this market.

With the belief that consumers in Nepal are ready for international eating-out experience they have launched their first two outlets at Durbar Marg. As stated by the officials of R J Corp, Nepal is a promising market for these brands and their entry will give the Nepali economy a boost by creating job opportunities for locals. The opening of these two outlets would give Nepali consumers the first local experience of an international food chain. They have promised an upcoming rush of announcements and product launches that will make this an exciting time for consumers.

NMB Bank Limited is the financial partner of Devyani International for bringing Pizza Hut and KFC to Nepal.

KFC Opening
KFC Opening

Veggie Snacker (Burger) – Rs 69
Chicken Snacker(Burger) – Rs 79
Hot wings (3 pc) – Rs 119
Boneless chicken strips with Salsa – Rs 149
Zinger Burger – Rs 149
Veggie Feast Meal (Burger) – Rs 209
Zinger Meal (Burger) – Rs 259
Chicken Meal (3 pc) – Rs 339
Chicken Large Bucket (12 pc) – Rs 899
Hot Wings Large Bucket (40 pc) – Rs 899

Pizza Hut Opening
Pizza Hut Opening

Pizzas @ Pizza Hut

Premium Medium Family
Simply Veg Rs 119 Rs 229 Rs 369
Spicy Veggie Rs 139 Rs 259 Rs 409
Paneer El Rancho Rs 179 Rs 319 Rs 499
Veggie Lovers Rs 179 Rs 319
Rs 499
Veggie Supreme Rs 249 Rs 379 Rs 579
Teeka Paneer Makhani Rs 219 Rs 379 Rs 579
Chicken Supreme Rs 299 Rs 429
Rs 659
Chicken Hawaiian Rs 219 Rs 379 Rs 579
Chicken Tandoori Rs 249 Rs 379 Rs 659
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