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Business Cards: Amazing and innovative designs

I have been going through lot of websites for getting ideas on new trends of business cards and I was amazed to see lot of interesting and innovative designs. I was so amazed and excited that I immediately though of sharing some with you all. It really fun writing and sharing this blog as I am going to share the most amazing and innovative business card that I have ever seen.

Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are mostly shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. This is the most important element of your visual identity. It’s the first thing people see when they meet you. Typically, business card includes the giver’s name, company affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street address, telephone number(s), e-mail addresses and website.

Traditionally many business cards were simple black text on white stock, and then gradually improved with color and photo business card. But now in today’s technological and graphical world, people are making brilliant business card that speaks to your profession, serves some unusual function or that transforms into something else can be a great way to grab attention and inspire those you meet. Some of the following business cards are shaped like objects, some have even have plants growing from within the card itself, some have to be constructed, come cards are actually usable tools that can be used in daily life, and some are professionally themed to speak your occupation, etc. Now no more write get the eyes open to see the great business cards.

Tooth Pick Business Card

Toothpick & mirror business card

bottle opener business card

Bottle opener business card

shoe scoop business card

Shoe scoop business card

Ruler for measurement business card

Ruler for measurement business card

clothes pin

Clothes pin

Pen Drive

Pen Drive



Build a car business card. It’s it so cool……………………?


Blow the balloon

Stretch the rubber

Stretch the rubber


Scratch to see


3D Plastic Business Card


Cool Cat Theme Business Card


Cool business card that combines different papers


Glided Edge for style


Metallic Ink and Metallic Hole


Stylish Embossing

seeds business card

Seeds Business Card

Divorce Lawyer Business Card

Divorce Lawyer Business Card

Marriage Counseling Business Card

Marriage Counseling Business Card

Headhunter Business Card

Headhunter Business Card

Teeth Impressions business card for dentist

Teeth Impressions business card for dentist


Test Choclate

Sources and some of the links for more innovative designs:

[Re] Encoded Dot Com



Financial Hack


AG Design


Enjoy. Let’s change our business card and make it more interesting.


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Hello. My name is Sakin Shrestha, and I am a technology entrepreneur from Nepal. I am passionate about helping this sector grow, for many reasons. The technology sector creates jobs for many young Nepalis who would otherwise migrate to foreign countries. It lets Nepali professionals develop skills for a fast-changing global workplace, and compete at a high level with anyone, anywhere in the world. If it grows, it will provide a viable career option for many young Nepalis, and help us reap the benefits of a global economy.

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