I wrote about my WordPress journey for HeroPress

It has already been 10 years since I first got acquainted with WordPress. Late last year, I was asked to write an article for HeroPress, the journal that features stories of people from all walks of life, who have overcome great challenges to become successful in WordPress.

I was honored. It was a great opportunity for me to reflect on my own journey, see it clearer in hindsight, and think about where we are going, and how I want to contribute as a person, and as a WordPress community member in the days to come.

In the article, I talk about my early journey, working at the UN and then studying for an MBA, my early encounter with WordPress, and how Catch Themes was born. I also talk about the Nepali WordPress community, and what we are doing to ensure we can extend opportunities to more and more young people through meetups, WordCamps and speaking events in colleges.

The article has been up on HeroPress for a while now, but I wanted to share it here as well. Thank you HeroPress!