15 Unconventional Uses of WordPress in Action

I was searching for articles to featured in my site and I finally found one interesting article written about 15 Unconventional Uses of WordPress in Action by Editorial Staff of wpbeginner.com.

WordPress in my best open source application and I love working on it. To let you all know that WordPress is known as one of the most powerful open-source blogging platform, but it is due to increase use of customized theme, plugins and hacks. WordPress is now lot more then just a blogging platform. It is now can be used as powerful content management system (CMS) and other unique and unconventional. Now I would like to list the 15 Unconventional Uses of WordPress in Action:

  1. Create Your Own Twitter Site Using WordPress
  2. Create a Membership Directory Using WordPress
  3. Create Email Newsletter Subscription via WordPress
  4. Contact Manager with WordPress
  5. Create e-Commerce Site with WordPress
  6. Create a Wiki using WordPress
  7. Create a CSS Gallery with WordPress
  8. Create a Portfolio using WordPress
  9. Create a PopURL clone with WordPress
  10. Ffffound Clone with WordPress
  11. Create a Business Directory using WordPress
  12. Create a Review Site using WordPress
  13. Create a Techmeme River Clone with WordPress
  14. Create a Timeline using WordPress
  15. Google Map Tag Blogging with WordPress