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WordCamp Europe 2016: Takeaways

WordCamp Europe takeaways

My WordCamp Europe takeaways …WordCamp Europe 2016 was tiring, but in the most positive way ever. Never before had I participated in an event so magnificent. The scale of the event was superlatively colossal and the participants flowing in by hundreds. It was the biggest WordCamp event till date and I feel very privileged to have been a part of it.

I shared with you my first ever diary entries a few days ago. I have written all the nitty-gritties of what really went down in WCEU. So, you can read about my experiences in WordCamp there. The amazing talks that we witnessed can all be found at the WordPress TV; therefore, I won’t be writing about those.

Primarily I will be sharing here with you what I gained from being a volunteer. Among my WordCamp Europe takeaways, the biggest is undoubtedly the huge learning experience it has been. I made new connections, renewed the old ones and strengthened my network bonds this time around in WordCamp Europe.

A strong and impressive opening ceremony started the event.The speakers and MCs were very enthusiastic. They made sure that the people were engaged. There were attendees from all over the world, numbers close to 2k. Regardless, they had laid the event so well that the planning and execution on point. This is something we can learn for the upcoming WordCamp Kathmandu. The organizers were so well prepared that nothing went amiss. The programs ran right on schedule—zero delays, 100% efficiency. They also announced that the next WordCamp Europe would be hosted in Paris.

All the people present were very open and friendly. Conversations flowed freely, and I made a lot of new friends. The energy that floated over the place was full of positive vibes and I could actually feel myself get inspired and motivated in the crowd. Being a volunteer was a new experience for me and a good one at that. The green Volunteer T-shirt no doubt helped me bridge gaps and talk to new faces with a certain degree of ease. I have learned a great deal of new things. Those I can put to good use in my future ventures in WordCamps.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, both the founders of WordPress—Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little were present and meeting them was a wonderful experience. Since it was the first time I met Mike, I was pretty excited and my excitement didn’t go astray as he was a pleasure to talk to.

This was the first time I went along with a group, something I had always dreamed of doing. I introduced them to the members of WordCamp; so it would be easier for them to interact there as they were first timers.

WordCamp Europe takeaways
Door Guard duty in Halle G

My volunteer duties were entertaining and informative. When I was assigned duty as Door Guard in Halle E on the first day of WordCamp Europe 2016, I realized how we could use the very technique in WordCamp Kathmandu. It would be a good way to not let the space cram up and reduce disturbances. I also did Time Keeping during the presentations. I consider practicing something similar in WordCamp Kathmandu to keep the presentation timing at check, so lengthy over dues are prevented. I would especially like to suggest practicing that to WordCamp Mumbai where timings are easily overextended.

WordCamp Europe takeaways
Time Keeping

Furthermore, another addition to my WordCamp Europe takeaways is that this event provided a much needed boost to the organizing of WordCamp Asia. So much that we are positively affirmed we will organize it the following year. So, from our side, WordCamp Asia 2017, is a surefire deal. This translates as a milestone achieved as the initial planning talks were very successful. I am very excited for this, and my motivation has sprung higher.

In addition, I have also invited people over to upcoming WordCamp Kathmandu like my old colleague from MMG Rich Collier who is currently involved in Jetpack.

A grand success with a great after-party; a most noteworthy organization. I also volunteered in the SWAG Store and have brought back cool WordPress swags for my team (see pictures below) as physical WordCamp Europe takeaways.

WordCamp Europe takeaways
The After-party.

In conclusion, WordCamp Europe 2016 was a memorable experience. More of my WordCamp Europe takeaways are amped-up motivations and I am now full(er) of ideas for the Nepali WordPress community…which I will share with you as they are realized, no doubt. Being a part of such a large-scale event is another milestone I have achieved in my career. I have learnt a great deal and will use them to my fullest in the benefit of our community.

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