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Ride to Lumbini with Theme Palace Team – What an amazing trip I had

Traveling has become an important part of my life now. The refreshment and the peace you get is indescribable and also let’s not forget about the chumminess with friends and colleagues. My country, Nepal undoubtedly is rich when it comes to places to visit. Lumbini is one of my favorite places and I had been dreaming about riding there with my team. So, better late than never, me and my Theme Palace team agreed to take a break from our daily work and go on a three day trip on our bikes to Lumbini.

Lumbini is a World Heritage site, famous as the birthplace of Buddha, or Prince Siddhartha Gautama as his mother, Maya Devi named him back then, in about 543 BC. The place has a lot of temples, sacred garden, Buddhist monasteries, parks, and more. It has so many Buddhist temples and monasteries which have been built by countries from around the globe as a portrayal of their inclusion in the Buddhist faith. I believe it is safe to say that Lumbini is a Buddhist Disneyland. And since my team and I were visiting this Disneyland, we were as excited as kids going to see Mickey and Minnie.

Day One: Kathmandu to Lumbini | Chaudhary Dham Visit

The first day of the journey, as usual, we had our breakfast in Acclaim Technology building and left on bikes afterwards. We were a group of eight in four motorbikes – Sachet Gurung & Gokarna Kathet in Bajaj Pulsar RS 200, Amit Subba and Raj Kumar Tamang in Honda Hornet 160, Suddama Thapa and Sarvesh Shrivastav in Bajaj Pulsar 150, and lastly, Sunil Dai and myself in Bajaj Dominar 400. It was around 8 when we headed towards Lumbini. We had our delicious Thakali lunch in Muglin which is around 58km away from Shashwat Dham, AKA CG Dham. The Chaudhary Dham was our next destination and we were very excited to visit the place. With short breaks and fun, we reached the Dham and visited the holy place.

Shashwat Dham is a great place, developed and operated by the Chaudhary Group in Nawalpur. It’s a very new site and many might not know about it. It was established in the year 2017. The Dham includes many temples, statues, and tiny fountains. We had an awesome time there.

After a refreshing visit, we then headed towards Lumbini as it was the ultimate destination for us that day. And as planned, we reached Lumbini and time had come that we call it a day. The roads till Lumbini were under construction, which made our journey a little tough and we all were exhausted at the end of the day.

In case you want to experience the fun, here is the video of our ride from Kathmandu to Lumbini:

Day Two: Lumbini to Butwal | Lumbini Visit

The second day of our journey was quite tiring as we had to visit Lumbini and also reach Butwal that day. As soon as the sun hit our rooms, we got ready and visited Lumbini area. The visit to Representatives of Mini Buddhist World was an absolute delight for us. We visited the area in TukTuk, a rickshaw-type vehicle famous in the area. The temples were aesthetically pleasing, each crafted mindfully in a unique style. I was thunderstruck by the beauty of Lumbini. The heritage site captures the Buddhist spirit in its peaceful atmosphere and its various Buddhist architectural treasures. So, thereafter, we had our breakfast at around 12 in the noon and as soon as we were done, we left for Butwal at 1:16 pm.

After constantly riding for around 2 hours we reached Palpa. All eight of us oozed up with excitement went to visit Rampithecus Park in Palpa. The Butwal Powerhouse waterfall there was devastated by the flood and it looked so pitying. We roamed around for a while in the park and did some crazy photo-shoots. We then left the place with Sauraha as our last destination for the day.

It was already past six in the evening and we were still on our way to Sauraha. At around 8pm, we reached Sauraha and since we had a very long day full of traveling, we decided to hit the hay after our dinner.

Here is the second Motovlog from my journey. This includes our ride from Lumbini to Butwal and the time we spent there.

Day Three: Chitwan and Jalbire Waterfall Visit

The final day. I was so excited as the day had come when I would finally witness the beautiful Jalbire waterfall and also we were excited about the Jeep Jungle Safari. We were at Chitwan so after a stunning breakfast, we went for Jeep Jungle Safari. One of the options to see the wildlife in Chitwan National Park is to go on a jeep safari. The jungle safari in Chitwan National Park was so awesome and surreal. With a wild taste of wilderness, we experienced the wide expanses of the natural landscape in Chitwan.

After undergoing the wild side of Chitwan, we headed towards Jalbire to observe the alluring waterfall. Jalbire, aka Lamo Jharana, is only around 5-6 km from Muglin. The thoroughfare from Jalbire entrance to the main waterfall area was all off-road. But the place is worth it. Jalbire waterfall is a popular destination for those in the Bharatpur area and people also enjoy swimming in the area as well. The amazing waterfall with a peaceful atmosphere was so soothing.

You can enjoy the last day of my journey through my vlog:

So, this is how my Lumbini trip concluded. It was so surreal and I really enjoyed Theme Palace’s company. The Theme Palace team is very easy-going and everyone is equally passionate about visiting new places. That’s why, it is very easy to travel with them and I really want to show my gratitude towards the team for always being generous, supportive and welcoming.

If you are also planning to visit Lumbini on your bikes, you might want to have a look at some of these tips before you head forward.

  1. Kathmandu to Lumbini bike ride is a quite long ride. So, make sure you stop by and check out interesting points like CG Dham, Butwal Sidhhababa Temple, and Jalbire Waterfall. Treat yourself by visiting these wonderful places and make your journey substantial.
  2. Lumbini is a quite hot and humid place. Therefore, don’t forget to drink water frequently to keep yourself hydrated. I do not recommend the place for summer time as it would be boiling hot. You first need to check the weather updates before you start your journey.
  3. While visiting Lumbini, there are many places you can visit. So, I would recommend you to take a full day to observe the beauty of Lumbini. We visited the area in half day, which was not really enough comparing to the beauty and peace that Lumbini provides.

You can relive the moments from my journey. I have divided my entire vlog into three different parts; a day in each vlog. You can either head over to my YouTube channel to check them out or you can also watch the videos above.

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