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Ross Yingling (Marocom LLC)

Sakin in one of those rare finds that come across and wish you could take him with you to have to yourself…He is a MASTER WordPress developer and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would work with Sakin in a heartbeat — Anywhere, anytime!!! I will hire him again for work in the future.
Ross Yingling
VP Operations & Project Manager
Marocom LLC

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Author: sakinshrestha

Hello. My name is Sakin Shrestha, and I am a technology entrepreneur from Nepal. I am passionate about helping this sector grow, for many reasons. The technology sector creates jobs for many young Nepalis who would otherwise migrate to foreign countries. It lets Nepali professionals develop skills for a fast-changing global workplace, and compete at a high level with anyone, anywhere in the world. If it grows, it will provide a viable career option for many young Nepalis, and help us reap the benefits of a global economy.