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Chinese envoy urges Nepal to take stern measures against 'Free Tibet' agitators

Chinese ambassador to Nepal Zheng Xianglin today asked the Nepal government to take stricter measure to prevent the ‘illegal’ political activities of the organisations campaigning for ‘Free Tibet’ in Nepal.

Expressing displeasure over Nepal’s handling of Tibetans’ protest in Nepal, Xianglin said Nepal should shoulder full responsibility for the damages occurred to Chinese embassy by the Tibetan protesters recently and take measures to prevent such activities in future.

Organising a press conference at the Chinese embassy in Baluwatar, envoy Xianglin accused the ‘Dalai clique’ and other foreign forces including the organisations championing for ‘Free Tibet’ worldwide of helping the anti-China activities in Nepal.

“The ringleaders of Tibetan organisations here, some of whom are plotting behind and some are conducting protests urged the Tibetans to storm into the embassy,” he said.

He also said that the foreign forces behind the protests in Nepal were interfering the internal affairs of other country and seeking to worsen the friendly relation between Nepal and China.

Saying that Nepal was facing outside pressure to allow the protesters to continue their political activities, the Chinese envoy hoped Nepal would continue to adhere to ‘One China Policy.’

He blamed the ‘separatist’ Tibetans of attacking the Tibetans supporting ‘One China’ policy at Baudda of Kathmandu.

During the press meet, the journalists were also shown a documentary made by CCTV international on Lhasa violence which showed plight of people affected by the violence.

(Source: Nepalnews)

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