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Are you Recruiting or Hiring?

Recruiting Vs. Hiring
Recruiting Vs. Hiring

I have been working as Human Resource Consultant and for me Recruiting is most important part. I really feel that if you recruit right person then you don’t need to work hard on other aspect of Human Resources. To recruit the right person the company named Zappos pays new employees to quit. They want to make sure they recruit the best and most suitable ones. These companies are always looking for recruiting the best and not just hiring when they need it.

Now my question is that are you Recruiting or Hiring? When you see this question you might feel that Recruiting and Hiring are the same. So, what is the question about?

According to Seth Godin’s, “Recruiting is the act of finding the very best person for a job and persuading them to stop doing what they’re doing and come join you.” It is about recruiting passive job seekers. Passive Job Seekers are those who are satisfied with their current designation in their present organization. They are high flying executives formulating successful strategies for the companies. Most importantly, they are highly engaged, motivated and not seeking a change. They don’t even update their resume. These employees are self motivated and are too satisfied or too successful to even consider shift. These are the decent percentage of the best talent in the industry. Recruiting is slow and need lot of passion and hard work to pursue the passive job seeker. It is future oriented and helps to achieve organization long term goals.

Hiring is just about filling your current Human Resource Need. It is about letting the world know that you have job vacancy for the active job seekers. Active Job seekers are those who are not satisfied with their current designation in their present organization or those who are in desperate search for the job in the market. Mostly they are an average or low performance staff. They demand lot of things and are mostly unhappy and de-motivated. Hiring is fast and easy where you just collect the application from people looking for a job and then select one from those candidates. This only help to fulfill your  current requirement but doesn’t help much in achieving your long term goals.

I hope now you are clear about Recruiting and Hiring. Both are important in their own way. So, choose the right mix according to your company strategy and goals. All the best…..

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Author: sakinshrestha

Hello. My name is Sakin Shrestha, and I am a technology entrepreneur from Nepal. I am passionate about helping this sector grow, for many reasons. The technology sector creates jobs for many young Nepalis who would otherwise migrate to foreign countries. It lets Nepali professionals develop skills for a fast-changing global workplace, and compete at a high level with anyone, anywhere in the world. If it grows, it will provide a viable career option for many young Nepalis, and help us reap the benefits of a global economy.