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Bidding Farewell to 2073 from Pokhara

Happy New Year 2074, everyone! I know this comes a week too late, but then on the actual New Year, I was off celebrating with my team on a weekend vacation. Coming back, the week was full of work, and so here I am, wishing you all a week later.

Being the fun freak that I am, I only need one reason to celebrate. And what’s a better opportunity for a getaway with your team and family other than the Nepali New Year? To top the list of reasons, the New Year this year fell just before the weekend. So, the past weekend drifted away as a week of celebration.

On Thursday, 13 April (31 Chaitra, 2073) we packed our bags and left for Pokhara on a micro bus. Although I’ve been to Pokhara a few times too many, this was the first time I was traveling there in a micro bus. The ride wasn’t as comfortable as a bus or my own car would’ve been, but we reached safely.

Upon reaching Pokhara, before going to the hotel we went to Begnas Lake and went boating for an hour. The lake was beautiful, but the visibility was far too low. I guess it was our bad luck. We didn’t get to see any mountains for the 3 days that we were there.

We checked in to Hotel Meera, at Lakeside, Pokhara. The hotel was spacious, the rooms cozy and comfortable. We went to celebrate the New Year’s Eve at Busy Bee. By the time we reached there, we were so famished that all we concentrated on was eating. Not really, the ambience was great with live music, the band playing amazing songs. The food was heavenly and we relished each bite.

The highlight of the vacation would surely be my son Sakshyam rocking the dance floor in Busy Bee. *Proud daddy here!* Too bad I didn’t take any photos of that. Was busy dancing, you see!

We tried a variety of cuisine, thanks to everyone in the team being huge foodies. Every place we entered offered delicious food and great hospitality.

Pokhara has been my go-to holiday destination since my college days and even though I’ve been there so many times, the city never ceases to make me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Above all that, spending time with my team is always amazing. I look forward to many more celebrations with my team, family and friends.

Wish you all a marvelous year ahead. Happy New Year 2074! Cheers!!!

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